Great Lakes States Invited to Join ACRCC

Great Lakes State Map. Image © Great Lakes Information Network
Great Lakes State Map. Image © Great Lakes Information Network.

WASHINGTON -  John Goss, the Council on Environmental Quality’s Asian Carp Director, has invited all Great Lakes states to join the Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee (ACRCC).  The ACRCC is charged with establishing a unified response to Asian carp across all levels of government to prevent environmental and economic damage to the Great Lakes.  Coordination among Federal, state and local governments will ensure the most effective strategy and actions necessary to combat the spread of Asian carp. 

Currently, each Great Lakes state is in the process of selecting two natural resource or environmental staff members.  Identified individuals will ensure that the concerns of each state are represented within the ACRCC.

Please check back in the coming weeks to learn who will be serving as state representatives!