ACRCC Monitoring Workgroup Releases eDNA Snapshot

Illinois Department of Natural Resources

The Monitoring and Rapid Response Workgroup (MRRWG) conducted an independent eDNA sampling event at the end of October 2011, called the "eDNA snapshot", to obtain a comprehensive system-wide view of Asian carp DNA distribution in the CAWS. This event also served to investigate whether the positive eDNA results detected during the course of rotational weekly sampling were the result of a few fish (or sources) causing positive eDNA results that were reported during the 2011 monitoring season. During the eDNA Snapshot the monitoring agencies (Illinois DNR, USFWS and USACE) sampled the weekly monitoring stations (North Shore Channel, Chicago Lock, Little Calumet River, Lake Calumet) as well as three additional sites (Lockport Pool above barrier, Cal-Sag Channel, and CSSC above the confluence), collecting 720 samples from 7 sites over 3 days. Due to the magnitude of this sampling event (more than 4 times the number of samples collected weekly), the processing of the samples were recently completed and reported to the workgroup.

The results of the Snapshot can be found on the USACE Chicago District web site at