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For classroom materials geared for younger students, we currently suggest WVIZ/PBS's Life Science Investigation of Asian Carp.

More Asian carp fact sheets available from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at:

Asian Carp Identification Guides

FWS Asian Carp Handout (PDF)

1.5 MB PDF

ACRCC What To Do If You Find An Asisan Carp Handout (PDF)

598 KB PDF

Black and Grass Carp Identification Handout (PDF)

543 KB PDF

General Information

USGS Asian Carp Handout (PDF)

397 KB PDF

Leaving Nothing to Chance (PDF)

1.2 MB PDF


ACRCC Member Fact Sheets

USGS Asian Carp Handout (PDF)

4.7 MB PDF

The Wabash / Maumee River Connection

2.9 MB PDF

Science and Technology Help Managers Battle Invading Asian Carp

2.1 MB PDF

Carp Brochure

402 KB PDF

Barrier Brochure

434 KB PDF

GLMRIS Brochure

1.2 MB PDF

Carp Brochure

302 KB PDF

Barrier Brochure

345 KB PDF

GLMRIS Brochure

393 KB PDF